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Benefits of Online Question Paper Generator for Schools

Online question paper generators have become an integral part of an institution’s assessment strategy. A bank of questions, adaptive assessments and ease of generating an examination are some of the benefits that help a teacher concentrate on teaching. In today's world exams are increasingly going online, hence its important for each school to adopt this tool sooner than later.

What is a Learning Management System?

Online trainers or training organizations have a lot to manage for any training. They have to create & deliver the course, managing the enrollments, assessments and various required reports. These are the primary reasons that a Learning Management System is best suited for such trainers or organizations looking for such solutions.

Soft Skill Training – YES or NO!!

Success of a business depends on soft skills and hard skills of its employees. So the question arises what works better, Soft skill or hard skill? And is it possible to train both?

Is your eLearning Training really upgrading your employees?

Training is a process and not just a task. Most of the organizations are keen on infusing training sessions as the part of their integral process so that they take maximum benefit out of it, while many just consider it as a compliance task. If an organization takes it as a process...

6 essential report formats expected in your LMS

A Learning Management System includes various types of reports that can help the learners to track the status, progress, engagement and effectiveness from the course. You should check parameters in your Learning Management System.  You can also customize your reports as per the business requirement apart from the standard reports.

Most important key terms for every eLearning professional

Do you know all the key terminologies of an eLearning Management System? Are you aware of advance keywords or key phrases used in the Learning Management System? Even if it is something new to you, don’t worry, we will list down the major terms used in your LMS portal so that you are aware of these.

6 Types of Fees to Check Before Buying LMS

Did you consider all the cost involved in buying your new Learning Management System? Are you completely aware of hidden charges of your new Online Learning Platform? Is the Online learning platform and the costing involved in procuring it justifies the expected ROI?

What are the points to consider while budgeting for your LMS?

What are the points to consider while budgeting for your LMS? What is the ROI from Online Training? How is ROI calculated for Online Training Program? What is the best budget and investment required for a new online training system? There are various such points to be considered while budgeting for your new Learning Management System.

Top 5 considerations while choosing the right LMS

Are you ready with your feature list expected in the new Learning Management System Online Platform? It is important to understand features in detail and shortlist the right Learning Management System for your organization from various available options.

Best strategy to create high learning impact course modules

The first step that most of the authors may take while creating a course module is to start writing the content while a few may like to add various types of questions. This approach towards creating a course may or may not work if you are looking for higher impact in terms of engagement of your users. This type, of course, may look very much similar like others and hence it becomes neither effective nor engaging.

Collect everything before you create a course

If you can share what you have learnt over the years, there is nothing great like that, but also try to add something new every time to provide the real value to the viewers. Once you plan to create a course, don’t forget to do thorough research on the topic. You should do a thorough research on the same topic to find out if any good material already exists.

How to Buy the Right LMS: The Complete Guide

Are you looking for a new LMS platform? Are you ready with the list of features for your new LMS platform? Get ready with your requirement list and ascertain the right amount of money that is needed to develop the new LMS platform. You should really know if you can afford to have the top LMS contenders and also ascertain if there are any hidden charges or fees that can be a surprise element in the future. You should have a clear goal from your new LMS platform. Identify the best possible way to use the LMS platform for betterment of your organization. Check out if you are technical enough or can manage by hiring an expert to manage the LMS platform in long term.