Benefits of Online Question Paper Generator for Schools

Benefits of Online Question Paper Generator for Schools

Benefits of Online Question Paper Generator for Schools

Benefits of Online Question Paper Generator

The Covid19 pandemic may have changed the way students around the world are learning, but teachers are still learning how to conduct online classes. For them it was much easier to teach in classrooms. However, examinations need not suffer just because teachers cannot come to school. Online question paper generators or test paper generators have been around for some time and have their own advantages with or without school classrooms being open.

How important are exams?

Examination is primarily considered as an assessment tool that teachers use to evaluate students’ learning and performance. But it serves more purposes than that. Research has shown that educational tests help students memorize and retain new information for a longer period of time. Testing and evaluation helps students apply the information learned in real-life situations outside the learning environment. Regular evaluation also helps teachers to improve their teaching skills.

Some benefits of testing

  • Testing provides feedback and reveals the knowledge gap between what has been taught and what the student remembers. It enhances the metacognitive information of the student to assess their knowledge level.
  • It encourages students to study. Students attend the lectures attentively and regularly to identify important topics and study them.
  • Repeated tests make students organize information better. Students actively recall material. It causes the students to weave critical information into a cohesive structure.
  • Testing improves metacognition and prevents them from becoming overconfident.
  • One of the fascinating features of testing is that it improves the retention of tested material as well as non tested material.

Advantages of Online Exams for students

Increased interest

These days’ students are tech-savvy. Online examination enhances the students’ interest in assessment due to the use of the innovative electronic format. It promotes a positive attitude in learners. If the tests are repeatable, it provides multiple opportunities to the learner for practicing.

Instant results and feedback

The fascinating thing about online question paper generators is that they provide instant results. Unlike paper based exams, students need not spend days in anxiety for their performance outcome. Test paper generators deliver instant results and feedback which outlines the requirement for improvements. Thus, a student can put more effort into bringing proficiency in the subject.


Online examination is so convenient for students that they can take the exam from any location merely with the internet’s help. Many online assessments allow flexible timing so that students can choose a convenient time slot for examination.

Progress report

Online question paper generators provide instant result and progress reports. Online examination software prepares rubrics-based performance reports. It reflects both the evidence of learning and the areas of improvement. Based on the progress report, students can realize their strengths and weaknesses and take corrective measures to improve their scores.

Continuous practice and In-depth analysis

Online exams and assessments allow students to have in-depth self-analysis. Taking repeat online exams can help students understand their knowledge level and progress after solving the online examination. Some online question paper generators like ZeptoEval allow students to generate their own tests from a bank of questions. This way students don’t have to wait for exams and can practice on their own. Such online evaluation systems help students find subjects and topics that need improvement.

Advantages of online question paper generator for teachers

Keeps the data secure

Online examination systems are designed to keep the data safe and secure. Online question paper generators provide password access to the teacher for answer sheets. It helps the teacher to keep the data completely secure.  

Ease creating the question paper

Test paper generators offer question banks or quiz library features that ease question paper creation. The question bank carries a variety of questions including, subjective, objective MCQs, etc. The examiner can use the question banks’ readily existing queries and prepare the paper in less time. Online Question paper generators like ZeptoEval allows Teachers to add their questions in the question bank as well.

Automated data backup

An online question paper generator comes with cloud storage. It supports automated data backup and eliminates cost. Also, there is no need to hold hard copies.

Automated assessment

Cloud based assessment supports the teacher to provide hassle-free grading to the students based on exam scores. It reduces the load of bulk checking of answer sheets. It automatically prepares a detailed assessment report of each student. Unlike manual assessment reports, the online examination software prepares the information quickly and accurately.

Progress report

A progress report shows performance details of every student. Teachers get an opportunity to keep a regular track of the student’s progress quite effectively. It helps teachers discover individual student’s efficacy and analyze points to focus on to improve scores.

In-depth analysis

Through online exam software, a teacher can generate an overall progress report. These reports include the individual description, combined and comparative information, graphs, charts, or other statistics and analysis to reflect the comparative and subject-wise analysis of all the students’ strengths and weaknesses and depict the space and area of improvement. The teacher can also discover the loopholes of teaching strategy and modernize it as per the requirement.

Benefits of online question paper generators

They save Cost

Online question paper generators save a lot of resources and money. They reduce paper usage and printing cost and thus they are environmentally friendly.

Time management

Online examinations save time in many ways. Students need not rush to the examination center. Online question paper generators save teachers’ valuable and productive time. They help teachers escape from time consuming question paper preparation, bulk checking, assessment report preparation, and feedback.

Adaptive assessments based on knowledge

Technology has an advantage that it can be programmed to adapt according to the knowledge of the student. If a student understands his lesson and answers the questions successfully then the online question paper generators can be programmed to ask that student questions of the next level. ZeptoEval is one such adaptive online assessment tool that generates questions based on the students ability to answer. ZeptoEval takes into account the average time taken to answer the question correctly, difficulty level, source of question etc and then offers to ask the student more difficult questions so that the student is challenged according to his capability.

Statistical analysis

Statistical analysis can be perfectly done through technical assistance. The online exam system provides a perfect platform for teachers to derive various statistical analyses on the students’ performances to outline the efficacy and highlight all necessary improvements that can be made.


With so many benefits, online question paper generators are a boon to any school or institution. Exams are an integral part of the education system and if technology helps institutions to make assessment and evaluation easier then such advancement should be embraced for the benefit of students.

Posted by:  Rahul Mahurkar

An Edutech Evangelist and Founder at Zepto Digital Labs