Is your eLearning Training really upgrading your employees?

Is your eLearning Training really upgrading your employees?

Is your eLearning Training really upgrading your employees?

Training is a process and not just a task. Most of the organizations are keen on infusing training sessions as the part of their integral process so that they take maximum benefit out of it, while many just consider it as a compliance task. If an organization takes it as a process, it gives various mid and long term benefits to both the staff and the organization.

Even before you start the training programs in your organization, it is better to know if:

  • Is your eLearning practitioner aware about the exact training requirement of an employee?
  • Is he aware of the topics to be covered so that it is beneficial to the organization and employees in current and future?
  • Is he ready to conduct pre and post training assessment to gauge the impact?

As per various researches, very less percentage of companies focus on topics specific to employees’ job roles. This makes employee less keen in the eLearning and hence the engagement reduces in due course of time. This should be a major concern for any organization trying to implement eLearning and should address it on immediate basis.

Most of the eLearning Practitioners take one for all approach to save on time but with the help of an eLearning Management Systemlike ZEPTOLEARN, they enjoy creating customized eLearning courses for their learners. Most of the eLearning practitioners are more focused on explaining the business owners and individuals about the way the course is being designed rather than focusing on topics and their benefits to the employees and Organization. Skills upgradation of an employee is always beneficial to any organization but only if it is done in a good manner.  Success of eLearning also depends a lot on the topics selected, technology used, way course is designed, engaging content, etc.

Any eLearning practitioner or an Organization should really ask if the new eLearning Course actually includes or addresses the needs of an employee. In most of the cases it is a straight NO as it is off-the-shelf course module created for entire organization. In order to experience good impact from your eLearning investment, it is better to have something employees are really looking forward to and can use the same skills in their day-to-day activities to improve their productivity. Atleast this can keep them motivated and they will be more engaged in the training.

Most of the training programs fail and leave negative impression among people since they are not in sync with all the stakeholders and do not take care of the overall benefit. Very often employees and companies do not see any tangible benefit against the time and effort involved if the content is as per their need. These stakeholders feel that such training is not giving them the expected Return on Investment (ROI). If you carefully take care of your eLearning courses, there are higher chances of employers and employees giving value to your training course. It all starts with the feedback from the employees about the course content even before employers provide their feedback about the entire training system.

Take regular feedback

An ideal way to take the feedback of your employee is to talk to them personally along with taking surveys with the standard questions. You need to do proper analysis of the skills of all the employees in order to see success of the training course. This will help an individual to really understand what they need in order to fill the gap in their skill and then upgrade to improvise the performance. Learning of an individual should be on the basis of their need.

Customize the Course

It is always better to customize eLearning as per the need of an individual rather than having more off-the-shelf training courses. Once you start addressing an individual’s learning need, it starts engaging the learners. Learners start accepting a new learning experience. There is a matter of trust that is established and they feel confident about the improvement in their skills and performance with such customized course experience.

In today’s dynamic world everything is experiential and as a user you like to see things that you need. Let us take example of any ecommerce portal that understands your browsing behavior to display the products as per your search pattern. This helps you give additional benefit of just selecting out of the exact displays of the things you are expecting.

Today if your eLearning Management System is flexible to provide the users to choose the course and provide them the feature to organize their own eLearning courses as per the skills needed, you have fair chances of your eLearning Platform outperforming the others available online. To make it better you should try to engage the learners with frequent questions that can help the system to publish relevant content. The system can understand the user in a better way by knowing their likes, interests, relative terms, etc. The ideal approach to create a great eLearning is through having a mix approach of instructor-led course, course interactivity and targeted course.

You should take help of technology to increase the learner engagement by involving them more and better with help of innovative tools. Measuring effectiveness of any tool is the continuous process and you should try to measure it in all the stages of the learning process. These stages can be pre-course, during the course and post course completion. You can try doing different things and link various other things to increase the learner engagement.

Don’t Stretch

Learning should be precise and concise as usually people are short of time for learning. People take out time from their daily work and other activities in order to upgrade themselves. Most of the people wish to learn but they are also under tremendous pressure to complete their official work. If your elearning platform can address the both aspects of the person your eLearning platform can outperform than others in the industry.

Consider the struggle you have gone through while your own eLearning experience. Make pointers that were helping you to finalize any eLearning platform to start your course. This could help you in understanding and creating the best platform any user would like to have for their eLearning needs.

If you feel your eLearning platform can change the way people can learn and implement the skills acquired in the current job, success is not far for your eLearning Platform. You can  reach us to know more about this or read our other blogs to get deeper into the topic.