5 challenges those are serious for your eLearning course

5 challenges those are serious for your eLearning course

5 Challenges those are serious for your e-learning courses?

There can be challenges in everything that you do. eLearning is not spared from such challenges as well. eLearning course can be successful if you can deal with all the challenges in proper manner. eLearning professionals come across various challenges and they deal with it smoothly for eLearning course success. In this article we would like to explain the major 5 challenges that are common but serious as well.

eLearning courses are designed with an objective of engaging audience for better learning. Engaged learners are successful in achieving the objective of the course. The main aim of course creator is always to create such content that can make huge impact on learning.  Once the content creator gets deeper, it is evident that eLearning may have its own share of issues to be handled. In order to ensure the success of any eLearning course, eLearning professionals have to deal with various challenges.

  1. Impractical Deadlines

If you are an eLearning Professional, you might have surely worked upon the impractical deadline for the eLearning course development at any point of time. Many people in the eLearning industry have faced serious challenges to adhere to the impractical deadline by working with the fix resources. In such cases if they tried to work out with the internal team, it could work out but in case of clients, there was not much success achieved at the later stage. In few cases it was possible to deliver the course module on the timelines but quality suffered to a great extent.

Being a course creator you need to find out the best possible workaround in such cases. While planning for the eLearning content ensure that you involve all the internal stakeholders and take the practical timelines so that it is possible to adhere to the deadlines. You need to be honest while planning the course deadline. In case it is a project of a client, then you need to ensure that the client is well-informed about the process involved, timeline required, buffer days, etc. If possible, it is also better to involve client at each and every step during the process of eLearning course creation so that they know the effort and can be part of such deadline. eLearning Management portal, ZeptoLearn help many eLearning Professionals with the rapid eLearning development tool for creating the course to meet the deadlines by retaining the desired quality.

  1. Limited Resources

Resources mean everything that is needed to create eLearning – it can be people, budget, time, etc. Most of the eLearning courses are delivered with the limited budget and resources. Most of the eLearning development team is comprised of 2 to 3 resources to achieve the task. In most of the cases, the team realizes in the middle of the project that it is difficult to achieve with the given resources, timelines and budget. This puts them in dark and if it is client project, by no means they can go back to client and demand for extra resources, timeline or the budget.

The question arises here…. What is the best way to tackle the same? To make it very simple, the best way to handle this is to have a detailed eLearning budget created including each and every expected expenses at the start. In case of a client project wherein it is next to impossible to change the budget, you would only have an option to invest in a flexible eLearning development tool. You should finalize the tool that can help you create the eLearning with the minimum available resources.

  1. Engagement

Learner engagement is the most important aspect when you run eLearning portal. Engagement of the learner completely depends on the interactivity of the portal. This also impacts the performance of the learners. You should try to create the course content in the most engaging format than having just simple textual format. The learner should feel the ease of using the course content and should not need much action to be taken in order to use the course. You can try with different formats like quiz, polls, Q&A, games, etc so that your learners can be well engaged with the portal.  ZeptoLearn, a popular cloud based eLearning platform is the best one to create interactive eLearning course. You don’t need to be a technical person to manage the eLearning platform. The easy to use back end system can help you manage the entire eLearning course.

  1. Perfect eLearning Tool

It is toughest task to find out the perfect eLearning tool since lots of options are available. There are various portals with features like predefined interactive builders, tools, and templates. Before finalizing your eLearning tool, have the “Nice to have” and “Must have” feature lists so that it becomes easy for you to check demo logins and compare. Using the demo logins and free trials for a few days are good options to practically check all the features and functions. You need to be extra careful while shortlisting your new eLearning Management System as it should help you in addressing all the major challenges. It should help you with better support, best pricing, relevant features, etc. Moreover, a perfect eLearning tool can be of great help in creating the interactive eLearning content.

  1. Connecting with real life

Every good eLearning management system should be flexible enough and it should help the learners to do more than just remembering the information learned. It is essential to know the reason for learning online. The objective of learning for a person can be anything i.e. either to learn and upgrade or just because it is compliance mandate. An individual learner should know the way to use the skills learned in the real life so that it can be relevant and most engaging.

In order to create such course modules that can fit or can be used in the real life scenarios, you should engage with the learners to know more in detail. You can probably ask to fill the questionnaire so that the perfect course content can be created for the learners.