Best strategy to create high learning impact course modules

Best strategy to create high learning impact course modules

Best strategy to create high learning impact course modules?

The first step that most of the authors may take while creating a course module is to start writing the content while a few may like to add various types of questions. This approach towards creating a course may or may not work if you are looking for higher impact in terms of engagement of your users. This type, of course, may look very much similar like others and hence it becomes neither effective nor engaging.

ZeptoLearn sets a base for you to create your best piece of content since you are an expert of your domain. You don’t need any specific degree in teaching or e-learning to create your own course. We understand this better and so we suggest you an alternative approach towards creating your course by following below steps:

1. Define: You should be able to clearly define your goal and learning objectives for your course. Be crystal clear about the expectations of your viewer.
2. Relevance: As far as possible try to be relevant in terms of content. You should not try to squeeze or stretch the content of your course as per the time. You should add content relevant to questions that can also help the viewers to respond effectively and efficiently.
3. Assess: Your assessment pattern should be in sync with your goal and relevancy so that you can achieve the desired result.

In order to make the courses effective and shorter, being an author you should follow the procedures and focus on the relevancy of the content.

Let us closely understand all the three steps:

1. Define

If you can anticipate the end, you may be able to start well. Talk to people and ask questions to know their expectations as well from the course. You should also self analyze the need for creating this course. Be prepared with overall goal and learning objectives. In a simple context below is the example:

– Goal: Your goal can be to train an IT engineer to sort any type of technical glitches in any automation system to ensure the critical business process is running smoothly with no downtime.
– Objective: One the course is completed, an IT engineer should be able to-
o Easily analyze the issue
o Evaluating the best troubleshooting solution
o Using easy and best option to solve the issue

2. Relevancy

You should only add the content that is relevant to your questions. You should identify and shortlist the information required by the viewers in order to fulfill the assessments at the later stage with the help of the course content. If you follow the right process and steps, you can focus on sharing only useful and important content with your viewers. The best example can be a User guide that is needed to set up a network router in a very systematic way which is usually in steps.

3. Assess

Assessing is the final step for any course. Knowledge acquired can be analyzed by conducting a proper assessment. Most of the assessment evaluation procedure is done by conducting assessments by including objective type questions. The best way to conduct an assessment is to ask the learner to select the “Correct Answer” out of the multiple choices available for each of the questions. Other formats can be true or false type questions and Fill in the blanks types.

This approach can be effective in assessment but in few practical cases, it may not be as well. You should learn to create questions that can be easily linked with the practical work-life situations. This helps in visualizing the real problems to be faced in practical implications.

Your objective questions can be of low and high impact. The low impact questions can be focusing completely to gauge the knowledge gained by an individual. While the high impact questions are those focusing more on the knowledge gained by an individual and the best way he puts that to the critical and quick reflective use.

If you are following the above steps to create your course, learners will like both content and the format. You will also have the satisfaction of providing the best course to your learners. ZeptoLearn ensures you succeed in your course creation and leave the best impact of learning on your learners.