How can a Video be useful in Training?

How can a Video be useful in Training?

How can a Video be useful in Training??

The younger generation is favoring interactive videos for their learning and it is becoming popular day by day. It is also very essential for the trainers to create awesome and engaging training videos so that they can keep the learners engaged. It is an effective medium to train the learner. It is quite an evident and a well-known fact that learning professionals seek more and more videos in training and if these are not available, it is disheartening for them.

Advantages of using the Video in training

You can easily integrate videos in your training module since it plays a key role in the accomplishment of your online training. There are various tips and advantages of using videos in training:

Engagement: Using videos in your course module enhances the engagement of your learners. It is evident that if your learner can use the video content, it can be good to empower them. It is thus useful for increasing the learner engagement and for the effectiveness of the training.

Right Image: It is important to depict the right image about your brand. The good quality video can talk a lot about your brand and its content. You should ensure that the piece of video content created for your learner can do justice to its objective at the end.

Loyalty: Young generations are soft targets for your video content as they are more prone to use video content for their training. This is the reason it becomes very useful and important for you to integrate the video in training module so that the loyalty of the new generation can be easily retained in your brand. In order to attain the objective of using the video, it is essential that it contains all the elements to meet the end need of your learners.

Teaser Video: Popular showcase format of video Teaser Video is very popular on the website home page or catalog of the training with an aim of creating excitement for the learners. It is created with an objective of making the learner curious of next step in the video. Such a teaser video should be of a shorter duration like 2 minutes as per your strategy and should be able to deliver the right message to the learner. It should however have the right mix of content formats in the teaser video so that it doesn’t look shabby.

Course Video: For Learner Engagement Course videos, if short ones, they are generally of 10 to 12 minutes explaining the details in very short span and to the point. This helps in learner retention due to reduced content size and lesser duration of the video. There can be various forms like:

1.Face to Face training
It provides the learner with the flexibility and benefit of being available for the course and its material. It involves the community involvement and face to face training has been a new experience through maintaining the essence of the digital platform for the global reach.

2.Recording training
You can easily record the training session and then can deliver to the learners. Training video provides you all the flexibility of controlling almost everything. You can also record the training video in a classroom, training center, or any other commercial set up.

3.Voice over in Video
If there is a voice over in the video, surely the effectiveness of the training video can be monitored. This voice user allows the learner to focus better and all the focus to be on visuals.

Webinar Video: Practical and Efficient format
Webinar is the best format for learning and sharing your thoughts too. Interactivity, simplicity, and statistics are some essentials for a webinar video. A very important aspect would be to manage the cost of the video including its marketing cost too.

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