7 indicators for Learning Management System in your Organization

7 indicators for Learning Management System in your Organization

7 indicators for Learning Management System in your Organization

Are your employees not happy with the internal training? Are they looking for new source for their training needs? Is it difficult to have a good number of attendees for your training?

If yes, it is the right time to have an alternative and switch to a new eLearning Management System.

There are several parameters that you will need to monitor in order to understand effectiveness of the current training system. You will have to focus on getting the right feedback for your current eLearning Platform by having the right sets of questions.

Let us consider and understand the 7 critical indicators that can help you decide in upgrading to the new eLearning Platform:

  • Training department load:

Training is very essential in any organization and training resources are very busy with activities linked to each training session. The training team members have to create right content, structure the training, and ensure the delivery of the training. The training team needs to handle various other tasks and it may vary depending on the organization size. Content Management is the toughest task to handle in eLearning. In order to keep the employees competitive, it is always suggested to keep upgrading the content of your training modules. It should be evaluated on regular basis and the below mentioned pointers should be kept in mind –

    1. Last year attrition rate and reasons to leave
    2. Which online module is requested more in last year
    3. Is your career upgradation depending on skill certifications and implementations?
    4. Is your current training module sufficient for skill certifications?
    5. What is the frequency of soft skill training requests from the managers?
    6. If any changes are needed in the current pattern and module to ensure better training?
  • Budgeting:

Budgeting the training is a critical part and crucial too while designing the whole training and development plan for any organization. Your management may be thinking to save money by either investing less or no money in your training plans and that may be frustrating at times. You should properly plan and be ready to answer the below mentioned questions that your management may have:

    1. How much investment would be needed to start?
    2. New training plan in extension to existing one or a fresh start?
    3. What could be the ROI in case of upgrading or starting training program?
    4. How the success and failure would be measured and what are the parameters?

Thus it is always better to be ready with answers to some standard expected questions along with some case studies to prove that investment on eLearning Management System can be good investment.

  • Reporting:

It is very important to have all the records for all the trainings conducted since it will be the base for all the future training plans. You will need the information to go deep in your training plans with the help of several metrics. You should get answers for the below mentioned questions in order to understand if the current effort of reporting is sufficient:

    1. Current reporting system and its robustness
    2. Process of data entry and reusing it
    3. Employee performance tracking and training optimization
    4. Process to keep track of career progression of an employee
    5. Is the performance evaluation part of your training metrics?

If you know that these above questions are difficult to answer, then you need a better reporting system.

  • Employee Retention:

Employee retention is higher in the corporate where management overlooks the staff development aspect. You should understand that it is very essential to have a right training plan for your employees for their upgradation. This may help you in maintaining good employee retention ratio. In order to find the effectiveness of your employees, you should know answers to the below mentioned questions:

    1. Do you really evaluate your employees and provide them feedback timely?
    2. Are you taking surveys to know the feedback and have engagement?
    3. Are you aware of the latest trends to improve employee performance?

If you take the feedback positively and work on it with the help of new eLearning Management System, you will start seeing the results in your employee performance.

  • Objective:   

Be clear with the objective of your business and pass the same to all the employees including your new hires too. Therefore it is critical to know if all your employees are on the same page and would understand your online training in a similar way. You should ensure that the content on your eLearning platform must be the same. Try to check if your trainers are struggling to deliver online training program with the consistency. If it is so then it is the time to deliver due to better eLearning Platform.

  • Team Engagement

One of the biggest challenges is to get the entire team engage in the training. The leaders or managers should promote the online training course within the organization. Some may be averse of doing it so because of various reasons like:

    1. Not knowing the reasons of promoting the online training.
    2. If time utilized for training then production will reduce
    3. Advantage of training and business goals are not aligned

It is thus very important to define the goals and have proper team engagement in order to have optimum use of the eLearning management system.

  • Assessment

It is good to have an eLearning Platform but its effectiveness can be measured by having proper assessment method in place through the current employees.  If you think current eLearning Management System has inadequate features, try finding it out with the help of survey including questions like:

    1. Does it have the personal learning plans very clearly and is it easy to follow?
    2. Is the current performance evaluation not updated and less informative?
    3. Can you see the clear career development plans in your current system?

As a business, detailed analysis of all the above mentioned questions can help you identify if your current employees are happy with the current systems and shortcomings as well. It is always better to implement changes or upgrade to the new eLearning Management System.

If you need further more information about the perfect Learning Management System for your specific need in right budget, get connected with us or download the copy of the complete guide for new Learning Management system.

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